July 20, 2018
National ePayment Gateway
The National ePayment Gateway (ePG) serves as an operational component of the eGovernance infrastructure and a full eCommerce facility that allow secure online payments. It supports multiple acquiring banks and operate as a critical shared service within the eGovernance architecture along with Oman’s Government eServices Portal (Omanuna).

The state of the art ePayment solution supports the delivery of eServices of the government sector and assists the private sector’s move into eCommerce. Enabling the gateway helped  in increasing the adoption of eServices along with electronic payments, which are easy and efficient. The presence of such a robust and secure ePayment Gateway enables eGovernment shared services to be paid for electronically using major local and international credit & debit cards, and other electronic payment instruments. The gateway currently accepts all international credit cards, debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diner cards.

The ePG currently supports various other electronic channels including the mobile phone, IVR, Call Center, etc. It is a cost effective and complete payment solution for ministries and private sector merchants.

Project Benefits:
  • facilitate  Payment for Services online.
  • save Organizations’ Administrative cost.
  • Reduce queuing at physical counters. 
  • Improve economy by direct transfer of funds.
  • Enable full audit trail and reconciliation for online transactions.
  • Provide secure payment processing.
  • run a 3D Secure authentication program ( which includes issuer, acquirer Bank and Visa or Master card) to help mitigate e-commerce fraud.
  • provide free operational as well as technical support

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