September 21, 2018
CEO’s Message
The information Society is characterized by the profound impact of information and communication technologies (ICTs) across the socio economic, political and culture areas of society. Limitless amount of information are disseminated through ICTs worldwide and those who have no access to these technologies are left at a disadvantage, being unable to participate and share fully in the benefits of the information society. Access to ICTs is seen as an essential factor for the development and the improvement of the well-being of society.

A vital component of the vision for Oman’s Economy - ‘Oman 2020’, is to the creation of a knowledge-based economy with a focus on developing Oman’s ICT sector with an aim to activate the economic diversification plan.

As a major step forward in the country's ambitious plans to introduce E-government and create a 'digital society' the national IT strategy was devised and ITA is the apex body vested with this responsibility to implement this strategy.

ITA was formed as a legal autonomous body through the Royal Decree 52/2006. As set in the Royal Decree, the Information Technology Authority aims at consolidation and activation of government policies to transform the Sultanate into a knowledge–based economy for achievement of social and economical benefits to the Omani society by using this technology “within” the policies of economic diversification and sustained development.

With this ambitious vision we set forward with our mission, and take the opportunity to connect and communicate with you online through this website. We encourage your interactions with us on matters of mutual interest and together let us nourish the Sultanate in harnessing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for overall progress of the nation.

Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi
Chief Executive Officer, ITA

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