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OeGAF wins 1st Prize in the Enterprise Architecture Excellence Awards 2010

OeGAF wins 1st Prize in the Enterprise Architecture Excellence Awards 2010

06 Mar 2011

The Information Technology Authority (ITA) on behalf of the Government of Oman is pleased to announce that the Oman eGovernment Architecture Framework, referred to in short as OeGAF, has taken 1st place in the prestigious Enterprise Architecture Excellence Awards 2010 conducted by Open Group Arabia. The Open Group Enterprise Architecture Awards for 2010 were aimed at recognizing organizations, teams and leaders who adopted enterprise architecture as a platform for business transformation in pursuit of organizational excellence. The first place award was conferred on the OeGAF Team at the Enterprise Architecture Excellence Award ceremony in Abu Dhabi, UAE late last week.

Building on the Digital Oman Strategy and the e.oman Initiative, which has as its goal to transform the sultanate through the use information communication technologies (ICT), one of the key objectives is to enhance government services and create an effective government-community-citizen infrastructure that provides better public services to people.  Government agencies have been embarking on an ambitious ICT plan to transform its operations and services in accordance with His Majesty’s directive. To lead and guide government agencies through this digital transformation in an efficient, coordinated and integrated manner, ITA established the Oman eGovernment Architecture Framework (OeGAF).

Mr. Omar Al Shanfari, Deputy CEO of ITA, and one of the chief proponents behind this initiative explained that OeGAF is the technology component of the Oman eGovernance Framework and is a structured framework that guides the design, construction, deployment and management of distributed Information Systems across the various government agencies.

OeGAF contains the principles, strategies and building blocks that support the goals of the government. The architecture can direct the selection, use and operation of technologies needed to support government business requirements and delivery of services. The architecture reduces the time and cost of deploying applications, while making it easier to integrate information and services.

The Oman eGovernment Architecture Framework (OeGAF) was based on the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) which was developed by the Architecture Forum of the Open Group. This award is all the more special, as the award was conferred to from the parent organization itself.

Winning this award is extremely prestigious and valuable as there was stiff competition vying for the Award, with participation from various countries throughout the GCC region, in addition to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

Mr. Al Shanfari also added that OeGAF has garnered a lot of praise by all, including EA Practitioners, official agencies, vendors and external parties. Most of them have felt that OeGAF is a very practical implementation of Enterprise Architecture in the region.

Mr. Abdullah El Kadi, Managing Director of The Open Group Arabia, on the occasion offered this statement: “I am impressed with the excellent documentation of the artifacts that have been put in place by the OeGAF Task Force and I can, without doubt, say that this is one of the most exceptional works that has been undertaken and established successfully in the Enterprise Architecture area. The work that Oman has done should make the whole of the middle-eastern region proud.”

The Open Group has over 300 member organizations, with over 6000 participants in Open Group activities across 19 countries. The Open Group is a consortium with a foundation of members that span all sectors of the IT community – IT customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators and consultants, as well as academia and researchers.