ITA Celebrates the End of Oman Summer of Code Program

ITA Celebrates the End of Oman Summer of Code Program

October 07, 2019

The Information Technology Authority warped up its seventh version of the “Oman Summer of Code” program organized annually by the ITA. Best projects were honored at a ceremony organized at Sas Center for Mobile Apps Development under the patronage of the CEO of ITA, Dr. Salim Al-Ruzaiqi. Many specialists and people interested in information technology and communications were in attendance.


Best Projects

The seventh version of this program witnessed the registration of 233 applicants who were filtered through tests and interviews to admit 68 participants who implemented 21 projects of which 13 were chosen to be implemented by 32 participants.


The best projects of Oman Summer of Code 2019 are, the “Big Data Analysis” team for the best integrated project award executed by team members Ali Al Badra, Khalid Al-Harthi and Mishaal Al-Busaidi, and the team “Hasaad” won the most promising project by team members Hajar Al-Nasiri and Amani Al-Mamari, while the “Oman Halls” team won the pilot project award with team members Mariam Al-Riyami and Fatma Al-Quetei. Moreover, a distinction award was given to Rahma Al-Jahwari and Ahmed Al-Hajri, to finance their attendance to an international conference on (FOSS).



About the program

The program targets app developers whether IT enthusiasts, employees, students or job seekers and it is based on the idea of executing several projects recommended by some government and private institutions and civil society organizations. Then for three months, the participants start working with a specialized team from ITA on executing these programs using free and open source software applications to enhance public eServices. The participants are supported by the ITA through available training opportunities on different free and open source software applications like: Linux, WordPress and PHP and through the continuous support of the team in the program.


Program objectives

Summer of Code program aims to promote using free and open source software applications to enable and localize innovation and to enhance creativity in digital projects in Oman. Moreover, it aims to enable the participants to execute and implement innovative projects with limited capital.



Program phases

The program went through multiple phases, beginning with the first stage which entails evaluating the proposed projects where the participants are given two weeks to submit the project’s proposal. The next stage is all about executing the project after the approval of the proposal. Following that in the third stage the first technical assessment takes place and in the fourth stage the participants continue working on the project based on the feedback of the evaluating committee. Last but not least comes the final evaluation followed by the Closing ceremony.