October 23, 2019

As part of their efforts  to empower Small and Medium size Enter-prises (SMEs), the Ministry of Technology and Communication (MTC) in partnership with the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) have  signed yesterday morning at the ministry headquarter a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMCO)  to enable Oman’s Craftsmen in digital marketing. Supporting the MTC’s  Community IT Training Project (CITT), which aims to create a shift towards a digital Oman, the collabora-tion will benefit Craftsmen registered with PACI, helping them build their online capabilities, promote their products on social media platforms and expand their businesses. This initiative also includes an exciting social media competition that offers candidates the chance to win cash prizes and training opportunities. For information on the competition and how to apply visit\herfati

Jalila  Abdullah Al Araimi, Director of eSociety Development at Ministry  of Technology and Communication, , added, “This partnership represents an important part of our mission to transform the Sultanate into a sustainable Knowledge Society, to enrich businesses and empow-er individuals.  Social media is a key element in a small business’s marketing toolkit and it is important that entrepreneurs and startups get our support to grow their business.”
“Oman’s small and medium enterprises are transforming the economy and we have a respon-sibility to support them,” said Khamis Nasser Al Shuabi, General Manager Shared Services of Oman Oil Marketing Company. “This collaboration is a natural addition to our strong corporate social responsibility programs and we look forward to utilize our relationship with the MTC and PACI to promote the spirit of innovation among Oman’s Craftsmen and inspire young entrepre-neurs to follow in their footsteps.”

“our rigorous corporate social responsibility programs include various campaigns and projects focused on a strategy of promoting In-Country Value. Examples include the Tasweik initiative, which offers entrepreneurs a platform to reach new audiences, compete on a global level, and contribute to the Sultanate’s economy, while inspiring others to do the same,” he added.

[Ahmed bin Saleh AlFarsi, General Manager] of the Public Authority for Craft Industries, also commented, “We are committed to developing Oman’s handicraft sector. We have an abun-dance of incredibly talented Craftsmen , who are using techniques that have been passed on through generations. It is important that we support them to modernize, while maintaining our country’s cultural identity and heritage. Through this initiative, we aim to provide them with the tools to take their businesses to the next level, expanding their reach both locally and globally.”
Over 10,000 PACI-registered Craftsmen  are eligible to enter the competition, which will judge how effectively they are promoting their products on Instagram. Criteria includes creativity of content, ability to attract customers and how well they communicate with followers. The top four winners will receive cash prizes, while 100 Craftsmen will be chosen to receive training in design and editing program, GIMP Image Manipulation Program, photography and marketing.

It is worth to mention that Hirfati, is an online competition that followed  with a number of training programs carried out in cooperation between MTC  and PACI and sponsored by Oman Oil Marketing Company for the second time targeting handicraftsmen and women to educate them how to utilize the social networks to market their product locally and internationally. In the previous version of the competition, 81 handicraftsmen and women from Sohar, Manah, Sinaw and Smail were involved in the training workshops.