MTC honors 62 trainees Completed a number of specialized programs

MTC honors 62 trainees Completed a number of specialized programs

December 03, 2019

The Ministry of Technology and Communications “MTC” celebrated in Sas Center for Mobile Apps Development the honoring of 62 trainees who completed specialized training in IT including the 11th batch of SAS mobile apps development training, 17th batch of SAS Virtual Reality training, Najeh training program for job seekers in the field of IT infrastructure and Najeh program for employees in the field of website development. the celebration was attended by Dr. Salim bin Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of MTC along with the trainees and MTC’s management.

 The celebration included a speech delivered by Hassan FidaAl Lawati, Director General of the Digital Society Development division, at which , he emphasized the role played by the ministry in supporting and encouraging Omani towards innovation and creativity in ICT fields. he pointed out that “the Ministry has signed a number of strategic partnerships with a number of international companies to provide a number of services, including training programs to help Omani youth to develop their skills and abilities in various fields of information technology and the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This will enable them to Keep up with the job market requirements, or to establish their own businesses which would boost the IT industry in the Sultanate.”

He also stressed that “the skills and experience gained by the trainees through their participation in the training courses will have a significant impact on providing them with suitable job opportunities, or encourage those who wish to continue their way in the world of entrepreneurship through the SAS Center for Entrepreneurship, which will provide them with the required support.”

“Additionally, the skills acquired by IT employees will enable them to apply what they have been trained on in their work environments, the thing which will have a positive impact on the workflow in their organizations,” he further added.

the celebration was accompanied by an exhibition to showcase a number of projects and ideas implemented by the trainees during the period of their training programs. The ideas of the presented projects are centered around facilitating daily life through the use of technology. Furthermore, The areas of uses and benefits varied between health and social aspects, in addition to smoothing the way of performing transactions in various entities such as the Ministry of Education.


It is worth to mention that the training programs “Najeh” for employees and for jobseekers focus on providing practical ICT training in real work environments along with professional certificates, aiming at increasing the number of professionals with specialized certificates and the number of experts in the information technology. These training programs are part of the on-job training and project attachment which aim to create employment opportunities in the field of information technology and to gain high-level work experience in collaboration with international IT companies. These programs also provides expertise and required skills to enhance the ICT industry and MTC’s initiatives in order to achieve the objectives of e.oman Strategy.

It is also worth to point out that SAS Center for Mobile Apps Development and SAS Center for Virtual Reality provide a number of training programs that aim to hone the skills of trainees and guide them to develop new and required applications in the job market, in addition to enhancing their expertise and encourage them to complete their individual projects they have developed during the training period.