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MTC Holds 4th Gathering for Digital Transformation leaders

MTC Holds 4th Gathering for Digital Transformation leaders

December 31, 2019

The ministry of Technology and Communications )MTC((  organized a 2-day gathering for the digital transformation leaders in government entities.

Through the gathering, the attendees were briefed on the digital transformation plan for 2020 -2024 and its work approach. They also worked on identifying The priorities for eServices delivery along with reviewing the final lists of eServices.

It is worth to mention that these gatherings are part of the digital transformation plan aiming to establish direct communication between MTC and government entities to push the transformation process further. they also seek to present the exerted efforts in improving the eServices. In addition, these gatherings offer a great platform for government entities to discuss the challenges they face in their journey to towards digital transformation and ways to address them.