Membership Procedures & Fees

1.    Interested organizations should complete a merchant application form. (Merchant can select acquiring bank, either Bank Muscat or National bank of Oman)
2.    MTC will send the merchant application to acquiring bank for risk assessment and approval.
3.    The accepted merchant will be required to sign an Internet Acquiring Cards Service Agreement with Acquiring Bank.
4.    Merchant will then be provided with Technical manuals to integrate its website to the ePayment Gateway.


1.Bank Muscat Fees:

For government:

•    Monthly fee: OMR15/-
•    Transactional fee: 1.4% on transactions with bank muscat cards and 1.75% on other banks’ card

for private sector:

•    Monthly fee: OMR15/-
•    Transactional fee: 2.25%

2. National Bank of Oman Fees:

For Government:
•    Monthly fee: Nil
•    Transactional fee: 1.35% on NBO cards, 1.5% (Master Card) and 1.75%(Visa) on other bank’s cards

For Private Sector:
•    Registration fees: OMR200/-
•    Monthly fee: OMR 50/-
•    Transactional fee:2.75%

Download the NBO Application Form
Download the Bank Muscat Application Form for Government
Download the Bank Muscat application form for private sector
Download the Bank Muscat Application Form for NGO