September 24, 2018


Within the framework of the government’s efforts to support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and the implementation of the recommendations of the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Symposium held in Saih al Shamekat in the wilayat of Bahla in January 2013, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) has focused its attention on working to support the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector in relation to SMEs through a number of initiatives and important projects.

Notably, one of these projects and initiatives is the ICT SMEs Development Program, which aims to create a comprehensive database of ICT-related SMEs in Oman; and allocate their capabilities to the potential IT business opportunities through the national infrastructure projects.

SMEs Definition

Considering the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Oman has defined the term of Small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) as the following:

• Micro Enterprises: Establishments with less than (5) five workers and annual sales of less than O.R 25,000.

• Small Enterprises: Establishments with (5-9) workers, and annual sales ranging from O.R 25,000 to O.R 250,000.

• Medium Enterprises: Establishments with (10-99) workers, and annual sales ranging from O.R 250,000 to O.R 1.5 million.

• The sales of an existing establishment is determined according to the latest final audited results, and according to initial estimates made by the management in new establishments.

• The number of workers is determined according to the manpower registers and the number of Omani workers registered in the Social Insurance.

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