Sas Center for Virtual Reality

Sas Center for Virtual Reality (Sas.VR) was  established in 2014 to be a regional center that provides the infrastructure needed for developing virtual reality applications and multimedia content. It also works to feed the local and regional market with People specialized in this field by providing training to Omani talented people and encouraging them to be entrepreneurs.
(Sas.VR) is developed based on a Private Public Partnership (PPP) concept in applied ICT which MTC partners with specialized local and international company to create the digital media sector in Oman.

Virtual vs.  Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is a full digital virtual reality environment –mostly three dimensional  that allows users to live an interactive real digital experience. Whereas Augmented Reality is based on the addition of virtual contents on real environment examples of which are some of the games and apps such as “SnapChat” and Pekimon.

Virtual reality devices are one of the most important factors that help to immerse the user in a virtual experience and make it more realistic. The devices are divided into 2 types:  devices for reading user actions such as: controls, gloves, walkers, motion sensors, devices for virtual reality emulation: such as  VR glasses and 3D screens.


The Virtual and Augmented  Reality have  several applications and uses in various fields, the most important of which is its use for educational and training purposes through interactive 3D lessons and Augmented  Reality applications. An explanation of a lesson related to the structure of the brain, neurons and neurotransmitters may be much easier and more understandable  through a three-dimensional interactive lesson  with which students interact through the screen or virtual reality glasses. The lesson can also be enhanced in the textbook through developing an app to be projected on  tablets that allows student to convert 2D images or illustrations into modules that  student can interact with, disassemble and re-install.


The virtual reality has several other uses in medicine, manufacturing, marketing, entertainment, defense, oil and gas, tourism, environment, industry, architecture, engineering and heritage.

Sas.VR  Objectives

Provide a robust environment for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other related technologies.

Empower talented Omanis in the center’s main technology areas.

Enable Omanis to fulfill the market needs and establish SMEs specialized in, but not limited to, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Contribute to spreading awareness and creating the demand of the center’s technology areas in the market.

Encourage research and development in center’s main technologies.

Introduce new interactive technologies based on market needs and global trends.