September 20, 2017


Sas Center for Virtual Reality

Sas Center for Virtual Reality (Sas.VR) is established to be a regional center that provides the infrastructure needed for developing virtual reality applications and multimedia content. It also works to feed the local and regional market with People specialized in this field by providing training to Omani talented people and encouraging them to be entrepreneurs.
(Sas.VR) is developed based on a Private Public Partnership (PPP) concept in applied ICT which ITA partners with specialized local and international company to create the digital media sector in Oman.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is referred to immersive multimedia where an environment is simulated in 3D and the users can interact with and feel if they are in the real one. Virtual reality applications use different display devices that can give more immersive feeling. Example of one device is the cave, where a person stands and moves in a room where all surrounding walls and even the floor display corresponding views from the environment and the whole environment reacts with the person interactions.
Applications of virtual reality usually used in training, testing and education and entertainment. Many felids has used effectively Virtual reality like healthcare, education, military, tourism, architecture, heritage, engineering and others.

Sas.VR  Objectives

• Train - Provide local Omani talents with the relevant skills, knowledge and competencies around Digital Media and Application Development to become the employees of choice for new high-value added positions in the local and regional ICT sector.
• Develop - Develop digital media contents and applications for local, regional and international market.
• Technopreneurship - Creating a technology infrastructure platform that is highly conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.
• Research - Encourage research and development in local universities to further develop the platform as a part of the new Oman knowledge-based economy and providing a leading edge innovation and IP in digital media technologies and virtual reality

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