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Here you can find information and services to help you start your SME in IT field or get IT training to enhance your skills.

Available Jobs

The Information Technology Authority is an independent government body that works to provide eGovernment services to individuals and businesses in Oman while establishing knowledge-based industries and creating more job avenues for Omani youth, facilitating better healthcare and improved education opportunities, sustaining tourism and social development, as well as attracting foreign investment. ITA is also a competency center that provides decision makers in the Government with a repository of information on best practices and methodologies related to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in cooperation with Public Authority of Manpower Register.


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Sas Center for Entrepreneurship

Sas Center for Entrepreneurship is designed to provide the foundation for creating a new and vibrant ICT industry, thereby fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in the ICT sector in Oman. To know more about Sas Center for Entrepreneurship: www.sas.om

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Specialized IT Training

The Specialized IT Training (SITT) targets Omani individuals in the IT field and focuses on their development and capacity building. It provides IT Training and certification, in addition to practical training opportunities.

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Sas Center for Virtual Reality

 Sas Center for Virtual Reality (Sas.VR) was  established in 2014 to be a regional center that provides the infrastructure needed for developing virtual reality applications and multimedia content. It also works to feed the local and regional market with People specialized in this field by providing training to Omani talented people and encouraging them to be entrepreneurs.

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Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development

Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development aims to provide a quality platform and industry cluster to build and enhance the national development skills, talents and capacity required to develop ideas into commercially sustainable mobile applications and businesses.

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Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS)

The broad objective of Free and Open Source Software Initiative (FOSSI) is to encourage innovation, boost software, develop talents & skills and create the necessary resources and infrastructure to increase commercialization and industry adoption.

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