You can browse all the offered training programs and services to help you boost your competencies in IT.

Specialized IT Training

The Specialized IT Training (SITT) targets Omani individuals in the IT field and focuses on their development and capacity building. It provides IT Training and certification, in addition to practical training opportunities.

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Sas Center for 4th Industrial Revolution

Believing in the importance of emerging technologies, specifically the technologies of the 4th IR such as artificial intelligence and internet of things in moving and accelerating the growth of various economic sectors, MTC has established Sas Center for 4 Industrial Revolution in the year (2020).

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The Main Technological Innovation Committee for Combating COVID-19 “TIC”

The formation of the Technological  Innovation Committee has been announced by the Ministry of Technology and Communications in coordination with the Supreme Committee in charge of Dealing with Coronavirus. The committee seeks to organize and direct the national talents and capabilities to employ immerging technologies to develop innovative solutions according to the needs and priorities imposed by the current condition.

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Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development

Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development aims to provide a quality platform and industry cluster to build and enhance the national development skills, talents and capacity required to develop ideas into commercially sustainable mobile applications and businesses.

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Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS)

The broad objective of Free and Open Source Software Initiative (FOSSI) is to encourage innovation, boost software, develop talents & skills and create the necessary resources and infrastructure to increase commercialization and industry adoption.

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Compliance Programs

The compliance and alignment of IT departments within government administrative units with the adopted laws, frameworks, policies and standards published is one of the main objectives of MTC. Therefore, MTC offers support in measuring and reporting the government progress and readiness for the digital transformation through the execution of audit program for the IT departments in the government administrative units and accreditation program for IT service providers.

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