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Know more about ITA’s services and projects for private companies.

Sas Center for Entrepreneurship

Sas Center for Entrepreneurship is designed to provide the foundation for creating a new and vibrant ICT industry, thereby fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in the ICT sector in Oman. To know more about Sas Center for Entrepreneurship: www.sas.om

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Sas Center for Virtual Reality

 Sas Center for Virtual Reality (Sas.VR) was  established in 2014 to be a regional center that provides the infrastructure needed for developing virtual reality applications and multimedia content. It also works to feed the local and regional market with People specialized in this field by providing training to Omani talented people and encouraging them to be entrepreneurs.

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Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development

Sas Center for Mobile Applications Development aims to provide a quality platform and industry cluster to build and enhance the national development skills, talents and capacity required to develop ideas into commercially sustainable mobile applications and businesses.

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Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment

This award   comes as a translation  of what His Majesty  emphasized in his speech, during the annual meeting of the   council of Oman  in 2008 on the use of ICT, which has become the main driver of  development in the Third Millennium. it aspires to bring about a qualitative transformation in public-service delivery by honoring technology projects that have resulted in exceptional achievement of impact and innovations in harnessing information technology for   electronic services. 

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OCERT was officially launched in April 2010 to analyses risks and security threats that may occur in the cyberspace and to raise awareness about such threats and ways of protection among Internet users and public or private institutions. To go to OCERT website. 

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The primary goal of eTendering is to establish a centralized state of the art procurement management system & processes. This will help in achieving higher efficiency and enhance transparency and accuracy in government procurement processes with considerable cost-savings. eTendering makes it possible for government entities to prepare, float, evaluate and award tenders online.

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The Official Oman eGovernment Services Portal

Through the Official eGovernment Services Portal citizens can access government information and services online. These services are provided via The Official eGovernment Services Portal “Omanuna” either by integrating with other government entities or providing links to their websites Anytime, anywhere access to the portal can occur through multiple channels such as the web and mobile devices. Navigation on the portal site will be simplified through a live event service delivery model and searchable content.

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