“Shurkum” an openly interactive public platform!

Considering the Omani citizen as our key driver towards social development, we at Information Technology Authority (ITA) greatly value his ideas, opinions and suggestions and that we take them seriously for our strategic plans.

In order to ensure a transparent communication with the public, we have established official social media accounts which mark great interaction from the public in a daily basis. Due to the abundance of enquiries, comments and suggestions we receive through those channels, and in order to introduce the Omani citizen to ITA’s various role, initiatives, and projects in implementing eOman strategy and eGoverment, we decided to organize open discussion sessions virtually and physically with the public to discuss certain topics related to ICT field in Oman.

Such open discussion sessions are known by “Shurkum” inspired by “Alshura” principle where we invite all concerned and interested persons in ICT field as well as active social media users. All “Shurkum” discussion sessions are livestreamed in our official YouTube channel so that other viewers and attendees can interact and participate through the hash tag #Shurkum which was activated in the first session of Shurkum in all our official social media accounts.

The first discussion session of Shurkum series was launched in September 2015 which focused on discussing eTransformation plan which ITA started to implement in 2012 and highlighted its role in improving eServices in the Sultanate.

In this month, during our participation in Khareef Salalah 2015, one of the Shurkum discussion sessions was held and discussed ITA business plan for the following 5 years 2016-2020. A number of our  social media followers, IT specialists and interested  persons attended the session through which ITA management listened and received their opinions and suggestions to enhance 2016-2020 business plan giving space for more transparency and citizens participation. You can watch the full session through our YouTube channel on the following link:

Click here

I welcome all your feedback, comments or suggestions to improve Shurkum sessions or you may even suggest any topics to be discussed in our upcoming discussion sessions. You can write them here or through our social media channels and we will ensure addressing them as per your thoughts.

Posted by Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi on August 9, 2015

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