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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this Blog. I look forward to meeting with you here each day and listening to your ideas, opinions and suggestions. We, at the Information Technology Authority (ITA), consider you as our partners in building Oman’s Digital Society and eGovernment.

Best Regards
Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi
Chief Executive Officer of ITA 

Nameesha Shetty (Comments):

speaker invitation: WORLD AI SHOW, DUBAI

Dear Dr. Salim, I have been trying to reach out to you to invite you to speak at one of our initiative called World AI Show, scheduled to take place on 24th and 25th of March 2019, at Address Hotel, Dubai Mall, UAE. Kindly acknowledge if you have received my invitation through email. If failed, help me understand whom to connect with regarding the same. Really looking forward to host you as ITA has great use cases that you can educate our attendees with which will help us serve the purpose of our summit. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Posted by: Nameesha Shetty on 2/10/2019 11:16:35 AM

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi - CEO of ITA (Reply)

Dear Nameesha Shetty Thanks for your kind invitation to speak at your highly esteemed initiative World AI Show. Unfortunately and due to previously arranged commitments, I regret that I won’t be able to be present to speak at the event. Wishing you all the best and success.

Posted on: 2/20/2019 9:46:58 AM by Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

Dawar Khalil (Comments):

Registration of Mobile Apps

I have recently started my company and we are developing websites and mobile apps for education. How can I register my mobile apps here in Oman. Regards

Posted by: Dawar Khalil on 10/18/2018 12:34:37 AM

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi - CEO of ITA (Reply)

Dear Dawar Khalil, The mobile apps is considered as any software application and it is not required to be registered in ITA. The business owner has to register his/her company with the concerned entities in Oman i.e. Ministry of Commerce & Industry. ITA can provide you with technical consultancy through SAS Mobile center or business consultancy through SAS Entrepreneurship center in the relevant field. All the best,

Posted on: 12/11/2018 12:38:31 PM by Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

Rohovi Rochill (Comments):

Blockchain 2.0 Technology training

Dear Dr Salim, What an honour to see a leader like you interacting with people in an open forum. I represent Odobiz Company and we are planning to conduct a training program in your nation in partnership with a blockchain entrepreneur and trainer from the USA keeping in mind the effort the ITA is putting into developing the Sultanate of Oman into a powerhouse of the latest technology, can you kindly guide me if we need any approval from ITA or any authority for conducting such training in the Sultanate? Your guidance will help us a lot, Sir. Meanwhile, I will be sending your team an email with the course outline.

Posted by: Rohovi Rochill on 7/16/2018 4:36:13 PM

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi - CEO of ITA (Reply)

Dear Rohovi Rochill, Thank you for contacting me here. Blockchain is a hot and contemporary topic nowadays and providing a training in this area would be of a great value for Oman. With regard to getting permission, as ITA, there are no such permission. However, it is advisable to approach Ministry of Commerce and Industry to check their rules and regulations in this regard. On the other hand, you can send us your training proposal on: to cooperate whenever possible.

Posted on: 9/6/2018 8:58:37 AM by Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

AbdulSamad AlBalushi (Comments):

social media privacy statement

We are very happy that you are hearing and listening to our comments... As we all are aware nowadays social media applications are extensively used by the normal public on a daily basis. Each of these applications are providing different types of privacy statements or permissions required for its functioning. After the first installation of certain applications, they keep providing the updates with more permission requirements which are not understood by the majority of the public whom are using those. The normal end user is just accepting all whatever each application states as privacy statements and go ahead using the application without understanding the actual impact of the same on his personal data details. Would like to propose that the ITA may have a separate channel for capturing and analyzing the privacy statements of majorly most used applications in the country and publish through their channel on the pros and cons of the same for a common man’s understanding. This would help them to check the ITA channel and make sure that these applications are not harmful or threat to self and the country he lives in. To start with ITA can look at applications like whatsapp, facebook, Instagram and certain VPN applications. Suggestions on the channels for ITA Social media page where public can visit and verify the pros and cons of each application An App application by ITA itself by providing push notifications as soon as any major incident is detected. Rely on the telecom infrastructure Mobile service providers for alerting through SMS AbdulSamad

Posted by: AbdulSamad AlBalushi on 6/26/2018 5:13:31 PM

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi - CEO of ITA (Reply)

Dear AbdulSamad, thank you for contacting me through this channel. I received your proposed idea with immense pleasure. I strongly agree with you that nowadays our personal privacy as individuals or organizations became at risk with the prevalence and wide use of social media application and internet devices. To know more about our efforts in this regard I'll summarize them in the following: 1. through our all social media accounts, we regularly share public alerts and role out awareness campaigns on most pressing security and privacy issues such as blackmailing, fake coupons, identity theft etc... 2. due to the need for a law that protects individuals from risks arose from using social media and Internet, we drafted a law to regulate the use and share of personal information. 3. we also conduct awareness sessions on security and privacy issues for different segments of the society and provide them with the tips and practices to protect their personal information. Regardless of what mentioned above, we welcome your idea and will focus in our awareness campaigns more on social media apps privacy policies and regulations. Thanking you once again for your idea and suggestion and don't hesitate to contact us for any information or clarification. Kindest regards,

Posted on: 6/28/2018 10:53:49 AM by Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

Tuan Amit (Comments):


Dear Dr. Salim Greetings We are a money exchange and our organization is interested in developing a mobile app, website which will facilitate remittances. In order to facilitate this how should we proceed with the necessary payment gateway access. Does your organization advice on same? if no where can we get more information on same. Thank you and Regards, Tuan Amit

Posted by: Tuan Amit on 10/10/2017 11:54:05 AM

Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi - CEO of ITA (Reply)

Dear Tuan Amit, Thank you for contacting us. We encourage all entities to join ePayment Portal. You can apply through ITA or Bank Muscat or National Bank of Oman. And you can get all information about membership on this link: For more information, please contact our team via: All the best

Posted on: 10/17/2017 9:03:03 AM by Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

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