Main Strategic Directions

Realizing His Majesty’s grand vision of transforming Oman into a sustainable knowledge based economy began with setting the economic vision for the Sultanate towards the year 2020 to which the Digital Oman Strategy, endorsed in March 2003, contributes in terms of developing the Omani Digital Society and eGovernment.

In His address to Oman Council in November 2008, His Majesty stated: “Giving attention to human resources, including the provision of the various tools required to enhance their performance, incentives to develop their capabilities, diversifying their creative talents and improving their scientific and practical qualifications, is the basis of real development and the cornerstone in its structure which is based on solid foundations.”

His Majesty also directed the Government to simplify processes, adopt technology in its daily operation, and focus on electronic delivery of its services.

Accordingly, the e.oman strategy was revised to place more focus in the next five years on the following areas:

  • IT Industry Development
  • Enabling Society and Individuals
  • eGovernment and eServices