Project Phases

The G-cloud project scope of work should be implemented in phases as follows:

Phase I : (Basic Cloud + Portal) Deliverables:

Basic Cloud delivered

  • Virtualization Layer
  • Network, Server, Storage
  • User Identity Management
  • HA Cloud configured
  • Basic Monitoring
  • Basic Cloud Portal

eOman Portal Migrated

  • With all existing functionality
  • Managed Operation for Portal started.

Completed By: End of Sep 2014

Phase II: IaaS provisioned (DRaaS) Deliverables:

Self-Service Portal

  • Automatic provisioning (workflow with full integration)
  • Security Compliance (for multi-tenant)
  • App Store (Service Catalogue)
  • Cloud self-serviced Portal – Full functionality
  • Full monitoring functionalities
  • Usage monitored

Completed By: End of Jan 2015

Phase III: PaaS Deliverables:

Platform As A Service

  • Email – Platform As A Service
  • Share Point Portal - PaaS
  • DataBase – Platform as a service

Billing & Accounting

Completed By: End of April 2015

Phase IV: SaaS Deliverables:

Software As A Service

  • Email – SaaS
  • CRM
  • ERP

Completed By: End of September 2015

Phase V: BPaaS Deliverables:

Business Process As A Service

Completed By: End of Dec 2015