Strategic Planning Division

Strategic Planning Division is primarily concerned with strategic planning and the initiation of projects and initiatives as well as the management of the MTC Master Plan. It is also responsible for investments analysis, budgeting for projects and the overall sourcing management for MTC. Feedback into this division is utilized in analysing the return on investment and the impact of rolling out MTC initiatives.


Governance and compliance

Governance and standards Division is one of  MTC’s main divisions which aims to provide advisory services and assist government agencies in identifying and following best practices in the operation and management of IT infrastructure, applications and databases as well as information security. the division provides these services through developing and publishing a number of documents including policies, standards, frameworks, and guidelines to be followed by government agencies.


Digital Society Development Division

The division aims at developing and promoting the Omani IT industry and is responsible for rolling out projects and initiatives specifically designed for community development in order to transform the Omani society into a digital society.


Infrastructure Division

This division aims at developing and implementing the IT infrastructure, applications, online services and facilities utilized by government organizations to deliver online services to the community. It is also responsible for designing and managing MTC IT infrastructure and is modelled on the technical architecture proposed in the strategy.


eServices Division

This division is responsible for leading the Digital Transformation plan, offering business consultancy services for all Government entities as well as providing the required support, training and capacity building programs for the government transformation working teams.


Information & Awareness Division

This division aims at marketing and promoting the e.oman initiative locally and globally through events, awareness campaigns and various forms of publications as well as both online and print media. It is also responsible for managing public relations as well as international relations and cooperation.


Information Security Division

The Information Security Division defines security standards, policies, and procedures for e.oman. The divison develop continuous processes for security monitoring while acting as a trusted competency, knowledge and support center.


Finance & Administration Division

This divison is responsible for managing all MTC administration, budgeting and finance, legal and human resources development and administration.


Contracts & Procurement Division

Thisdivision is responsible for managing all MTC procurement and tendering, awarding of tenders and setting contract standards and conditions.


Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team ( OCERT )

This division is responsible for analyzing risks and security threats that may be present in cyberspace and communicating this information to users of Internet services and technical information outlets, whether public, private or individuals.


Digital Certification Center

The National Digital Certification Center (NDCC) allows all Omani citizens and residents to use the government electronic services and transactions in a higher level of security, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality to protect all eTransactions made through ID cards and mobile SIM cards.