About the Ministry

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology supervises a number of national projects Such as, the ports and airports that connect the Sultanate with the world and contribute to diversifying the sources of income and achieve sustainable development in various economic, industrial, commercial, tourism and other fields.

These efforts are accompanied with the Ministry’s relentless strive to make the transport and logistics sectors in the Sultanate have a global reputation, to be the second source of national income and within the top ten in logistics performance at the international level by 2040.

at the local level, The Ministry works to establish a network of modern roads, and to encourage companies operating in the transport sector with the aim of linking all governorates and states of the Sultanate. This helps facilitate the movement of individuals as well as the role of that network in promoting internal trade movement, and the development of various sectors that depend on transport and communication.

Along with these projects, The Ministry works to provide the necessary infrastructure in the communications and information technology sector in order to realize the Sultanate’s objective of implementing eGovernment; therefore, a unified government network and a number of centers specialized in the information and communication technology, cybersecurity and digital certification have been established, in addition to hosting government websites, services and databases and protecting them from security breaches. This guarantees the sustainability of eBusinesses and services, and helps individuals and institutions get high-quality electronic services in no time. The Ministry also works to develop the communications and information technology sector to be a main pillar in supporting the logistic sectors, in line with Oman's Vision 2040.