Laws and Governance

To ensure the rights of ICT users and to increase the level of trust and reliability of eTransactions, ITA formulated  a number of laws, legislations and policies to make eTransactions more secure and efficient which include:


Oman’s Digital Society initiatives require substantial legal protection for the various entities in the use of ICT for official and personal communications and transactions. To increase the trust of citizens and businesses in using electronic transactions, ITA has initiated the formulation of a number of laws for Oman.


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IT Governance

ITA has set a number of frameworks, policies and guidelines to insure effective IT management which is the way of controlling  all matters related to information technology operations and resources within an  organization. Effective IT management enables an organization to enhance resources and operating, improve business processes and communication and adopt  best practices.


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Compliance Programs

The compliance and alignment of IT departments within government administrative units with the adopted laws, frameworks, policies and standards published is one of the main objectives of MTC. Therefore, MTC offers support in measuring and reporting the government progress and readiness for the digital transformation through the execution of audit program for the IT departments in the government administrative units and accreditation program for IT service providers.

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