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About Shurkum

The Information Technology Authority (ITA) started the implementation of Shurkum initiative in 2014 to reinforce community eParticipation in the projects it carries out. The initiative aims to achieve interaction between ITA and the different segments of the society to take their opinion for more transparency and positive effective participation, thus improving the projects, initiatives and policies of ITA.

The project started with open discussion sessions through which ITA’s top management meets face-to-face with the different target groups of the community in order to take public’s opinions and suggestions. In addition, the event is broadcast live through ITA’s different social media channels. All suggestions and proposals are gathered to be presented to the management and based on which they take the appropriate decisions. Six open discussion sessions were held so far.


Shurkum discussion topics

The ITA discussed several topics through Shurkum initiative to get public opinion on some of the projects and plans to engage the community in developing the services and laws and legislations related to ICT.

For more information about the previous sessions, click here.


Upcoming Shurkum Session

      Adopting virtual and augmented reality projects and applications in educational environments

Session objectives

  • Finding solutions for projects and applications based on virtual and augmented reality technologies that can be carried out by educational institutions or for training purposes by government and private entities.
  • Highlighting opportunities of leveraging virtual and augmented reality applications in educational environments.
  • Presenting and highlighting some VR projects implemented by Sas.VR that serve the education sector in the Sultanate.
  • Promoting awareness of the opportunities and possibilities of adopting virtual reality in educational settings (in schools or even colleges, universities and institutions).

Session Topics

  • Opportunities and areas to benefit from virtual and augmented reality technologies globally and locally ( showcasing some global experiences)
  • Challenges of adopting virtual and augmented reality in educational and training projects in different fields.
  • suggestions and recommendations of the public for projects that can serve educational areas to be adopted in universities, colleges or even training environments in government and private entities.


Thursday, September 12, 2019


10:00am – 12:00pm


SAS Center for Virtual Reality