The Information Technology Authority (ITA) adopted the eParticipation concept through utilizing information and communication technologies to improve communication with the citizens, interaction with their opinion and suggestions, and participation in decision-making.



The Information Technology Authority created Shurkum initiative that includes a group of channels and platforms to reinforce eParticipation. Some of the channels utilized in this initiative are open discussion with the public, conducting some eSurveys and polls to get community and individuals opinion in ITA’s projects and plans.

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CEO Blog

To Communicate with the CEO of ITA - Dr. Salim Al Ruzaiqi

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this Blog. I look forward to meeting with you here each day and listening to your ideas, opinions and suggestions. We, at the Information Technology Authority (ITA), consider you as our partners in building Oman’s Digital Society and eGovernment.

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Social Media Policy

In line with the Royal Directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in April 2011, to develop communication channels between government institutions and citizens, and in line with the e.oman strategy in implementing the eGovernment vision, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) has prepared the E-Participation Guidelines for Using Social Media in Government. These Guidelines are to be used by all government entities in Oman, as guidance in implementing modern social media technologies in communicating with citizens. The channels and tools are simple, easy to use, cost effective and use the latest of technologies, resulting in better documentation of data bases, easy access and more transparent dialogue.

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eParticipation Policy

Our pledge to users is that we will listen and respond to your comments or suggestions, but only when those comments are directed at specific services, facilities or policies related to the Portal. Furthermore, we will acknowledge your input and reply to you with a carefully considered answer. From you, it is expected that you shall behave responsibly and not make comments which are irrelevant to the context of the Portal or are inappropriate according to Oman's culture, as these will be removed immediately from view and excluded from consideration. For any queries unrelated to the Portal context, we will direct you to the appropriate authority who can best answer your question.

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