With the participation of 21 teams the conclusion of the Sas48 Hackathon for green technologies

With the participation of 21 teams the conclusion of the Sas48 Hackathon for green technologies

May 05, 2024

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology concluded on Saturday evening the activities of the Sas48 Hackathon in its sixth edition, which this year is dedicated to green technologies, with the participation of 117 competitors who formed 21 teams.


The closing ceremony was Patronizes by His Excellency Dr. Mahad bin Saeed Baaween, Minister of Labour, and in the presence of a number of Their Excellencies, experts, specialists and officials in the green technologies sector, in cooperation with the technical partner (Omantel), the silver partner (Oman Liquefied Natural Gas Company), (Petroleum Development Oman) and the strategic partners (Omantel). Environment Authority, Ministry of Wealth, Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, Bee’ah Company, Port of Salalah, Port of Duqm and City Logistics Company).






The winning teams:

The Stellar team won first place for its project to automate the process of scanning solar panels, while the Therwa team won second place for its food waste management application project “Food Leftovers,” and the Untrash AI team came in third place for its assistance project. Waste management companies deal with full waste containers

Prizes were also distributed to the best participating teams in the sectors (agriculture and food, environment, logistics, and renewable energy), where the (Smart Fertilizer) team won in the agriculture and food sector, the (SUST) team won in the environment sector, and the (Ecosense) team won, in the logistics sector. While the Easy Power team won the award for the best teams in the renewable energy sector.


Participants’ opinions : Participants in the “Sas48 Hackathon” emphasized that the hackathon is a wonderful opportunity for participants to bring together creative and innovative minds to think about innovative technical solutions that serve the environment. Muhammad bin Salem Al-Hinai from the (Rafeef) team said: The idea of ​​our project came from developing a farm with hydroponic technology that is managed automatically by Through a computer that collects and sends data to a focused cloud system to collect and analyze the data and then send it back to the farm to improve agricultural capabilities, as the system provides direct and accurate data to the farmer with future predictions to improve agricultural performance


Shaima bint Saeed Al-Muqbali from the (RICO) team said that the idea of ​​our project reduces time and effort, and it consists of making garbage containers using (IOT) and linking them to a site that tracks the locations of the containers. The containers send a notification to the site when they are full, and then the specialized company works to collect the waste directly to the specified sites. .

While Saeed bin Obaid from the OLH team said: The idea of ​​our project is an application that provides logistical services for transporting goods by submitting a request in the application that is received by the service provider. This project targets individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises that own trucks.


In turn, Heba bint Salem Al-Jabri from the Intrash AI team said: Our project is to produce an electrical conductor from industrial waste that is used as an alternative to plytium in the electrolysis process to produce green hydrogen, which will help preserve the environment.


Regarding the “Easy Power” team project, Suad Bint Ali Al-Alawi said, “The idea of ​​our project comes by implanting sensor buttons that are used to produce clean energy by exploiting crowded streets and converting vehicle energy into electrical energy that is used to light streets, traffic signals, and nearby buildings.