Do you have a big idea in Mobile Apps development or Web Development field based on the 4 Industrial Revolution technologies?

Are you looking for the right team to work with?

Sas48 is your chance to make your creative ideas real.

Registration Open Until - 14/10/2019

What is Sas48?

A 48 hours challenge in the development of mobile apps and web during weekend runs in 2 following phases:

Phase1: Ideation

  • It is an introductory day for the Hackathon.
  • A full day hands-on workshop that focuses on idea generation and validation, 4IR session and pitch rehearsals.
  • All registered candidates must attend the ideation phase to qualify for the Hackathon.
  • Discovery and validation of ideas.
  • Individuals will pitch their idea and teams will be formed.
  • Individuals who does not have an idea will join other teams based on the skills needed.
  • After the ideation workshop, all teams will be asked to submit their business idea to Sas within 3 days for evaluation.
  • In 5 days, Sas team will send a confirmation email to the teams who got accepted and qualified to participate in the Hackathon.

Phase2: Hackathon

  • It is a weekend event for 48 hours.
  • Targets 100 participants with different backgrounds – developers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and project managers.
  • Focuses mainly on new web services and mobile services applying 4IR technologies.
  • Encourages entrepreneurship culture and education.
  • Teams start working for 48 hours up until pitching time.
  • During working time there will be mentors to support participants in business and technical areas.
  • Winners will be announced in the last day upon the Jury Panel decision.

Sas48 Objectives

  • Nurture the culture of entrepreneurship.
  • Build public awareness and create opportunities based on available capabilities.
  • Encourage champions to think creatively and establish new businesses.
  • Focus on developing startup companies in the most demanded sectors nowadays.
  • Headhunt potentials to join Sas Center for Entrepreneurship..
  • Promote the implementation of working culture VS theories.

Who is eligible to join Sas48

Last year college students, Jobseekers, Professionals and anyone interested in Mobile Apps and Web Development field

Program Timeline

Date: 19 October 2019
Time: 09:00 – 15:00
Place: Middle East College auditorium


Date: 7-9 November 2019
Time: Thursday 5:00 PM to Saturday 20:00 PM
Place: Omantel Headquarter New Building, Ghala.

No fees

If you are a:

  • Programmer and Mobile App Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Designer
  • Visionary Entrepreneur/Project Manager
  • Marketer

Then Register now in Sas48