Sas Accelerator 2nd Cohort


The Sas Center for Entrepreneurship, an incubation and accelerator program that encourages entrepreneurship and development of Technology and Digital Content SMEs in the Sultanate, has teamed up with Google for Startups to run Cohort 2 of Sas Accelerator.

Google for Startups is a global acceleration program that helps startups build and scale their products by matching them with the best of Google.

The program, Sas Accelerator, is a strategic partnership with Google that will connect Sas Center for Entrepreneurship, its startups and mentors, to an elite group of the world’s top accelerators. In addition, it will allow access to Google’s global network, insights from the company’s Silicon Valley-based startup programs, and twenty years’ worth of Google research and best practice insights on building businesses, products, and teams at massive scale.

Program Brief

Sas Accelerator, powered by Google for Startups, is a 5-week program from September 6th to October 12th for tech startups which seek to further develop their products, increase overall market share, and raise investment funds. The intensive program is designed for startups that have already built and tested their MVP in the market and are now ready to focus on the next step in a startup’s journey - finding product/market fit and scaling their product.

Each week will be dedicated to challenge the critical phases of the product/market fit and will be a combination of boot camp workshops, team development exercises and one-to-one mentorship. The time commitment will range each week from 3 – 5 days depending on the topics.

  • Week 1: Lean Methodology, Design Lab, Founders Lab.
  • Week 2: Machine Learning Lab, API’s, ePayment, Chatbots.
  • Week 3: Growth Lab.
  • Week 4: Finance and Investment Readiness.
  • Week 5: Pitch, Pitch Content Design and Demo Day.

Google for Startups Design Lab - Facilitated by Google mentors, the Design Lab focuses on introducing the UX process, profiling, and product flow to help startups improve the overall user experience and interface.

Google for Startups Founders Lab - Facilitated by Google mentors, the Founder Lab uses Google's people operations data and insights alongside startup engagement to help founders build foundations for lasting teams.

Google for Startups ML Lab - Facilitated by a combination of Google experts and local tech experts, the ML Lab will focus on understanding Google platforms and solutions for startups including data studio, analytics, cloud services, API’s, machine learning/AI AI and will include additional tech information on local solutions for e-payment, chatbots, and mobile wallets.

Google for Startups Growth Lab - Facilitated by Google experts, the Growth Lab will focus on digital marketing related to customer acquisition goals, marketing funnels, audience centric approaches using KPI’s, and using Google ads/analytics.

Financial and Investment Readiness - Facilitated by a combination of Google mentors and local experts, the week will focus on introducing financial concepts including unit economics, start-up valuation and fundraising strategies; all designed for the product/market fit phase.

Pitch, Pitch Content Design, and Demo Day - Facilitated by a combination of Google mentors and local experts, the week will focus on pitch preparation through sessions on developing content, design and overall pitch performance.

Registration in the program

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